“There are not enough great things that can be said about this wonderful group. HSNPG has managed to make me feel safe, secure, and most importantly comfortable during the hard times with this new stage in my life. They find activities that are accommodating to the multiple and different needs of our children. The bowling league, sensory storytime, small playgroups, monthly newsletters ; the list goes on and on for ideas and suggestions that are specialized for our kids. The chat group/meetings find specialists, companies, and speakers to provide information that we can listen and learn from for our families and children. Most importantly this group is an added shoulder to lean on when you are having a tough time, a great time, or have a question and need help. Thank you HSNPG, thank you!”

– Alexis


“I want to express my sincere appreciation to the directors of the HSNPG, Megan and Sheillah.  Before my second child, I knew nothing about parenting a child with special needs. It wasn’t an easy journey to navigate until I found the HSNPG.  Sheillah and Megan have been working tirelessly to create a supportive environment for the parents and special needs kids.  Because of their hard work and continuous outreach to local community resources to bring awareness to our special needs group, our children with different abilities now have a healthy and accepting environment to grow up and thrive in.  I have a wonderful and “au-some” group of moms to lean on for support.”

– Joyce


“The Hoboken Special Needs Parent Group gives us access to a community of mothers and fathers to whom we can relate and learn from through meetings, coffee groups, special events and other activities. The many parental educational programs introduce us to businesses and support services within the Hoboken community. Prior to our engagement with the HSNPG, we were not fully utilizing the plethora of activities and programs tailored to the special needs of our child. The HSNPG has meaningfully improved our experience of raising a child with special needs in Hoboken.”

– Julie