Autism In Hoboken


April is Autism Awareness Month, and as a parent of two special needs children, I know what Autism Awareness means for me and my family. It means helping people to understand my children – how their minds work and how they experience the world. It means helping people to understand the life that my family leads and all the complex, scary, wonderful, expensive, exhausting and … Continue Reading



Special Needs Mom: Showing Your Support

It’s a sticky situation to navigate when your friend tells you that their child has been diagnosed with Autism or any other developmental delay. You want to be supportive, but you may not know what to say. Some of the most common responses can have a much different effect than you intend. So, another special needs mom and I have put together a little “cheat sheet” of the do’s and the don’ts when talking to a friend with a newly diagnosed child… Continue Reading



Special Needs Mom: Did I Know?

Before my daughter, Aurora, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at 2 years old, I knew something was going on with my baby. She had lost many of her interactive skills. She no longer used her sign language or pointed when she wanted something. She didn’t play with toys the way most children did. She walked on her toes and although she didn’t speak to communicate, she made sing-song noises as she stared at … Continue Reading